Free Bible Studies
Plus Articles on Bible Topics and Hymns

Have you been searching the Web for some free Bible studies to try?

Maybe some online lessons for yourself?

Or something to get your fellowship group excited about what's in the Word of God?

Good news! This website is for you!

It contains dozens of articles, and stories of favourite hymns, plus question-and-answer free Bible studies you can do on your own or share with others. God's answers to today's needs.

And your questions to us are welcome!


We now have a Web log devoted to the history and meaning of our hymns.

It includes a unique feature called Today, with things about hymns that happened on today's date. There are other articles and features as well.

Please check out the blog, Wordwise Hymns.

☼ NEWSLETTER BACK ISSUES. In addition to the free Bible studies and articles found in the various sections of the website, you can check out the back issues of our monthly newsletter for more helpful articles and answers to Bible questions. (See bottom of page called Free Newsletter.)

Gift of Salvation
<i>The Gift of Salvation</i> from the Lord explains how to be saved eternally, and <i>know</i> you are!
Exploring Christianity
<i>Exploring Christianity</i> provides 10 basic Bible studies to give you a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian.
The Christian Life
<i>The Christian Life</i> provides you with articles about various aspects of Christian living.
Free Bible Studies
<i>Free Bible Studies</i> are research studies with questions for you or your group.
Doctrines and Insights
<i>Doctrines and Insights</i> examines a variety of Bible topics--many are based on questions from readers like you!
Prophecy Studies
Prophecy Studies
Contemporary Issues
<i>Contemporary Issues</i> deals with topics being discussed and debated in the Christian world.
Wordwise Hymns BLOG
Wordwise Hymns Blog Nav - third part address
Church Ministry
<i>Church Ministry</i> articles have to do with the local church, its development and work.
Music and Services
<i>Music and Services</i> gives you articles on sacred music, and the worship services of the church.
Hymn Stories
<i>Hymn Stories</i> explains not only the history but the biblical meaning of some traditional hymns.
Free Newsletter
<i>Free Newsletter</i> can be sent to you, with monthly insights and ideas, plus answers to readers' questions. Why not subscribe today?
Questions from You
<i>Questions from You</i> provides a way for you to send us questions about the Bible, or about our traditional Christian hymns.
Link to Wordwise Bible Studies
<i>Link to Wordwise Bible Studies</i> shows you how to put a link to this site on your own web page.
About This Website
<i>About This Website</i> tells you a little of the background and beliefs of its creator.
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