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Wordwise Insight, Issue #051
January 14, 2009

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BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): Tattoos and Piercing--what does the Bible say?

MEDITATIONS ON OUR HYMNS: "Precious Lord, Take My Hand"

MORE ARTICLES: The Learner-Servant Principles, and Truth About Suffering

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What Does the Bible Say?

QUESTION: Dorothy asks, "Do you have any Scriptures that can help me learn why Jesus was against piercings and tattoos?"

ANSWER: Thank you for the excellent question Dorothy. I will try to give you a response based on the Word of God, and on a number of the life-principles found in it. Opinions on the subject vary, but I pray that the following information will help you to think it through for yourself.

What if you were to see a young man pumping gas at a service station, his bare arms covered with tattooed designs in blue or purple ink? Or what if you were to see a young woman working at a chain store check-out with studs piercing her eyebrows, nose, and lower lip, and a row of earrings piercing one ear? What would your first reaction be–even if it were not expressed aloud? Would it be, "Wow! Way to go! I wish I had those!" Or would it be, "Dear me! What have you done to yourself? That's so ugly!"

Further than that, if you are a Christian, what conclusion would you tend to draw as to the spiritual condition of these individuals? Would you also come to a certain opinion with regard to their level of maturity? (And are such reactions born of mere prejudice? Or are there good reasons to come to those conclusions?)

With the rapid increase in practices such as tattooing and body piercing, these are becoming more important questions all the time. On average, another new establishment offering the services is opening in North America every single day. Some think that is fine. Others find it dismaying. (One teen referred to tattoos as "skin graffiti," saying they make a person look like a dirty wall!) Even in the Christian community there is...

To see the full article, click on Tattoos and Piercing.



Whose Hands?

PRECIOUS LORD, TAKE MY HAND Whose Hands? Have you ever seen a card shark at work? I have--at least on film--and it made me glad I have no interest in gambling! After years of practice, he can manipulate the deck so skillfully it is virtually impossible for the eye to detect it. He can deal himself any card he wishes, and yet it all looks open and above board. To put yourself in the hands of such an accomplished trickster is to guarantee you will part with your money.

But there are other hands to consider. What about the hands of a skilled surgeon? Healing, helping hands. Or, the hands of a loving parent? It makes a great difference whose hands you are in.

Sometimes, on a busy street, you will see a small child walking along beside Mom, with his hand in hers. No fear, no uncertainty, not even in the noisy traffic or bustling crowds of people. He trusts the strength and wisdom of the one who holds his hand. But see that same child in the middle of a department store aisle, wailing tearfully, "Mommie!" She may be nearby, but he can't see her. He has lost hold of that reassuring hand and is terrified.

Some time ago Thomas Andrew Dorsey (not the famous band leader) had an experience that relates. A black entertainer, known professionally as Georgia Tom (1899-1965), he had been a blues singer for years, and even written popular songs. Then, during a period of serious illness, he gave his heart and life to Christ. From that day he went on to write about four hundred gospel songs, actively serving the Lord for nearly half a century. One of his compositions in particular has remained popular ever since. The writing of it came about as follows.

In 1932, Mr. Dorsey was invited to sing at...

To see the full article, click on Precious Lord, Take My Hand.


Here are two more articles that may be of interest. The Learner-Servant Principles is an extensive discussion of Christian discipleship, making use of seven key principles. Truth About Suffering" lists many of the things God accomplishes through the suffering He allows to touch our lives.

The Learner-Servant Principles

Truth About Suffering

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