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Wordwise Insight, Issue #068
April 14, 2010

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BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): Was Job rude and irreverent toward God?

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MORE ARTICLES: about the plague of gambling; and what the BIble says about homosexuality

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(Was Job irreverent toward God?)

QUESTION: Ernest asks, "Did Job ever talk back to God? A friend of mine said he heard a preacher say that Job sassed God."

ANSWER: You ask a wonderful question. I've studied and taught the book of Job for over 40 years, and am still learning from it. I have posted a whole Bible study series on my website about Job. It takes a little different angle on the story than most, but I believe it is true to the book.

As to your question: The answer is yes, and no. (Sorry for the "political" response!) It's a rather loaded question, you see. The terms "talk back" and "sassed" seem to characterize Job's words in a negative way. They suggest the man had no respect for the Lord, but that is not the case.

Job was going through a time of extreme suffering which, from his perspective, seemed to have no purpose or explanation. One day he was a righteous man, enjoying the blessings of God. (The Lord says he was the greatest saint of his day, Job 2:3.) Then he suddenly lost everything, his children, his wealth, his health, and more.

Job knew nothing of the devil's malicious plan. He could only think that all his troubles came directly from the hand of God. But why? He (Job) had not changed. His three "friends" insist he must have committed some great wickedness, and was being punished for it. But Job knew in his own heart that was not so.

The man was in agony. Constant physical pain, and sleepless nights disturbed by nightmares, brought a depth of anguish few have ever had to face. (Satan is skilled at these things!) And the most painful thing was the issue that tormented Job: What is God really like? If God can suddenly turn against a righteous man, if God can torment and...

To see the full article, click on Job Honest Saint.


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My hope is that the blog will add to the value of the website and this newsletter, and promote some profitable exchanges on the subject of sacred music.

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Here are two articles on subjects of contemporary interest. The run-away problem of gambling confronts us at every turn, and the promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle does too. What does the Bible say about each of these? Check it out.

About Gambling

Homosexuality in the Bible

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