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Wordwise Insight, Issue #076
December 14, 2010

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BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): Is it proper for Christians to wear jewelry depicting angels?

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(Is It Right for a Christian to Wear an Image of an Angel?)

Question: Karen asks, "Is wearing an angel around your neck, because you believe in angels from God protecting you, the same as idolatry, and wearing of a cross to represent Jesus?"

Answer: An interesting question! I’m not sure I can give you a definite answer, yes or no, but let me try to suggest some things to consider.

What I will deal with here are the holy angels, the angels of God. In contrast, we know that in ages past Satan was a good angel called Lucifer (Isa. 14:12-15), but he rebelled against God, and was cast out of heaven, taking some other angels with him (Rev. 12:9). These are now what the Bible speaks of as the devil and demons. They are evil, and are doing all they can to hinder or destroy the works of God. In the end, they face eternal punishment in hell (Matt. 25:41).

A discussion of these wicked beings will have to wait for another time. What we’ll deal with now are the angels of heaven, the loyal servants of God.

1) The Creation of God God created the angels (Ps. 148:2, 5; Col. 1:16). They are spirit beings, with great supernatural powers. Though, as spirit beings, they are invisible, they have the ability to appear to human beings in various forms. Most often, they have appeared as men. The Bible, referring to Abraham’s meeting with the Lord and two angels in human form (Gen. 18:1-22), says “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels (Heb. 13:1).

As I say, when they find it necessary to appear, it is usually in human form. But they have taken other visible forms too: as flying creatures with six wings (Isa. 6:2-3), or as creatures with four faces and four wings (Ezek. 1:4-14). Uncertainty about their appearance is a problem.

Since we can't see them, and since they are spirit beings, it's logically impossible to ...

For the rest of this article, click on Angel Jewelry.

Over the years I have produced a number of articles that are relevant to the Christmas season. Below, are links to: The Date of Christmas; The Bethlehem Star; A Christmas Bible Study (in 2 Parts); A Christmas Bible Quiz (with answers given separately).

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I have developed a blog that is called Wordwise Hymns. As the title suggests, it is about hymns, and church music in general.

But as many of you will know, a blog is especially designed to facilitate a conversation on its particular subject. Readers can easily post comments about what they see, and I'm able to reply. I hope you will take part in the discussion!

Through 2010, almanac entries dealt with what happened in hymn history on each day of the year. Beginning in 2011, I hope to analyze hymns from a biblical standpoint, linking to the material that has come before.

My hope is that the blog will add to the value of the website and this newsletter, and promote some profitable exchanges on the subject of sacred music.

What happened on this day in hymnology? To find out, click Wordwise Hymns.

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