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Wordwise Insight, Issue #092
April 14, 2012

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BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): About Christians and alcoholic beverages. Should a Christian drink?

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Christians and Alcohol

(Should a Christian drink alcohol?)

QUESTION: Is it right for a Christian [in our day] to drink alcohol socially?

ANSWER: Good question. And I suspect that no matter how I answer it there will be many who disagree. My position will be too strong for some, and too weak for others. Even so, it's an important issue, and I'll share my own convictions on it.

Years ago I counseled a young couple in preparation for their wedding. Both were Christians, and I urged them to make the day a clear testimony to their faith in Christ, and to their desire to build a Christian home. One issue that came up was the insistence of the young woman's unsaved parents that alcohol be served at the reception. I pleaded with them not to go along, to take a stand that would honour the Lord. But they bowed to the pressure.

A few weeks afterward, the bride's parents were both killed in an alcohol-related car accident. Would that have been prevented if the couple had made a different decision? Perhaps not, I don't know. But thinking back to the testimony of the bride and groom, might have made a strong impression on others, and affected their lives for the good. I know there are Christians, or professing Christians, who see nothing wrong with taking a little wine with dinner, and so on. Personally, I've never done so, and I've always encouraged total abstinence, for a number of reasons. But before I discuss those reasons, I need to make another point.

In my view, concerning Christians and alcohol, it would be impossible to prove that the Bible absolutely forbids drinking any alcohol at all--though there are those who try. Many different Hebrew and Greek words are used in the Bible for beverages that were consumed. Whether they contained alcohol or not isn't always clear. But I've found that those intent on proving that total abstinence is a biblical mandate tend to ...

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