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Wordwise Insight, Issue #096
August 14, 2012

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BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): What is the nature of Christ's intercession in heaven on our behalf?

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Christ Our Advocate

QUESTION: If the Father is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere, why do we need the Son to advocate on our behalf? Surely the Father already feels and understands everything the Son does.

ANSWER: Christ our Advocate. That's a most interesting subject. And, with it, we move into an area where little has been revealed in the Word of God. Not only that, some of these things are beyond words, and beyond our comprehension, even if they could somehow be expressed verbally. A couple of thoughts, in response.

1) God the Father is a spirit Being (Jn. 4:24), and therefore incorporeal and invisible. The Spirit of God is, likewise. And even God the Son, though He took on our humanity, somehow didn't lose the attributes of deity (Col. 2:9). Either through the Holy Spirit, or in His own Person, Christ is still omnipresent (cf. Matt. 28:20; Jn. 3:13, NKJV).

However, even though God is an invisible spirit, in order for us to comprehend His working, and be assured of His presence, He has sometimes taken on a physical form, or revealed Himself in ways that are observable to human beings. For example, the Holy Spirit appeared like a dove at Christ's baptism (Matt. 3:16).

Added to this, we have the poetic imagery of the Bible. For instance, Isaiah says, "The LORD has made bare His holy arm" (Isa. 52:10), and we get the idea of someone rolling up his sleeves to get to work. Or the psalmist (Moses, I believe) writes, "He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge" (Ps. 91:4), picturing a mother bird sheltering her chicks under her wings.

We're not expected to believe that God has sleeves and feathers. These poetic pictures are, to use a technical term, anthropomorphic. They portray an immaterial spirit Being in physical and observable terms, so we can...

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Come and Pay Us a Visit!

I have developed a blog that is called Wordwise Hymns. As the title suggests, it is about hymns, and church music in general.

But as many of you will know, a blog is especially designed to facilitate a conversation on its particular subject. Readers can easily post comments about what they see, and I'm able to reply. I hope you will take part in the discussion!

Through 2010, almanac entries dealt with what happened in hymn history on each day of the year. Beginning in 2011, I hope to analyze hymns from a biblical standpoint, linking to the material that has come before.

My hope is that the blog will add to the value of the website and this newsletter, and promote some profitable exchanges on the subject of sacred music.

What happened on this day in hymnology? To find out, click Wordwise Hymns.

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