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Wordwise Insight, Issue #156
January 14, 2018


BIBLE INSIGHTS (and Reader Q & A): Is lordship salvation biblical?

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Lordship Salvation

QUESTION: A brother in Christ who has traveled around the world preaching recently told me that in both the modern world, and, from his readings and studies, most professing Christians in the past, and today, hold, in some form to the false teaching of "lordship salvation."

This is the teaching that in order to be saved, a person must do more than simply trusting only in the shed blood atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life. That the person has to continually turn from their sins, and not have any secret sins, and must do good works in order to finally get into heaven. Some claim this must be done to "prove" they are saved. Others claim to earn salvation. Do you notice this too? Why do so many Christians hold to lordship salvation?

ANSWER: Well, not being a world traveler as your friend is, I’m not really qualified to comment on how widely held the lordship salvation view is. But I certainly know it’s around. So let me take a few moments to comment on the subject, and perhaps offer a possible answer to your other question.

Yes, Christ should be Lord of the Christian’s life. But to say this is a requirement for salvation can easily put the individual’s salvation in doubt. Is there a full surrender of everything to the Lordship of Christ? How much is enough? Will there not be areas revealed later, by the Spirit of God, that ought to be surrendered to Him? Are those who hold the Lordship view suggesting we are not saved until that total surrender? That certainly seems to step ...

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