The Bible tells us plainly how to receive God's gift of salvation through faith in Christ. For some basics you can click on the button to the left...

EXPLORING CHRISTIANITY is a ten-part question-and-answer Bible study series that covers many issues that those trying to understand Christianity are interested in.

But then what? How to we live as the Christians we've become? The following series of articles is designed to help you learn how to live a life pleasing to God. Articles in this section deal with various specifics that should be informative and helpful to you. If you have a question about something not covered here, please let us know, using the QUESTIONS FROM YOU form.

Eclipse of the Sun

Gospel Invitations

Jesus Blood

Saving Faith

Guilt Feelings

A Work of Art

Answered Prayer

Old Testament Promises

Only a Sinner

Need the Old Testament

The Learner-Servant Principles

Resist the Spirit

Generational Sins and Curses

Christian Armour

Purpose of Faith

Hebrews Meaning

Three Special Books

Words of the 23rd Psalm

Angel Jewelry

Christian Book Store

Best Bible Study Tool

Bible College

A Healthy Church

Spiritual Gifts Used

Steps in Service

Sin Nature

Little Sins

Christians Justified

Three Spiritual Conditions

Why Attend Church?

Why Attend Regularly?

Church Membership

Believer's Baptism

Healing in Scripture

James on Healing

Modern Miracles

Phobias and Christians

Demons and Music

Dealing with Discouragement

Depression Cry

Truth About Suffering

In His Steps--a Critique of the Novel

Why Pray?

Praying Hand

Things for Which to Pray

Judging Others

Tithing--Is It for Today?

Cremation -- Is It Biblical?

Swearing Oaths

Christian Marriage Preparation