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Understanding and applying the Bible is a life-long quest. It is especially difficult when there are conflicting voices among authors and teachers regarding the meaning and relevance of the Scriptures. They cannot all be right!

This website seeks to provide helps for further study that treat the Bible as the true and trustworthy Word of God. These materials, and books and other resources recommended, are quite consistent in their approach to the Bible, and their adherence to the fundamentals of the faith.

Links within this website will direct you to an explanation of Bible terms used, plus articles on various subjects. It my prayer that these will further your study of God's wonderful Word.

And if you find the site helpful, please tell a friend!

Down with Doctrine

Being Born Again

Go to Heaven

Two Witnesses

No Lost Tribes

Psalm One

God's Wager

Kill the Canaanites

God and Evil

God and Israel

Parable of the Talents

Apostles Creed

Just a Sinner

Saints and Salvation

Bible Covenants

Early Resurrection

God's Chosen People

Tree of Life

God's Covenants

Things NOT to Do with the Bible

Revelation Prophecy

Eternal Punishment

Salvation First Mention

Millennial Rule

Spiritual Anointing

The Meaning of "Amen"

Animal Sacrifices

Abraham's Bosom

Knowledge in Heaven


Christ in Heaven

Christ Our Advocate

Angels Free Will

Job Honest Saint

When Did God Begin?

Birth of God

Cain's Wife

Satan Becomes Evil

Satan and Moses Body

Heaven in the Tribulation<'/p>

Old Testament Salvation

Unpardonable Sin

Is Roman Catholicism Christian?

Bible End Times

Dispensationalism: Is It Biblical?

Pretribulationism Defended

Faith and the Gift of Faith

Understanding Worship

Violent Psalms

Perfect Christians

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?


Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?

The Bethlehem Star

Tithing--Is It for Today?

The Fool (Biblical Meaning)

Feeding the 5000

Idle Chatter

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