10 Great Lessons About the Christian Faith

Exploring Christianity is a short course on the Bible and the Christian faith that can answer a lot of your questions!

¤ Did you ever wonder what the Bible is all about?

¤ Or what it means to be a Christian?

¤ Or how to pray?

¤ Or whether you need to go to church?

¤ Or have other questions about religion?

Exploring Christianity can serve as a review of the basics for the more established Christian. But they is particularly intended for the newer Christian needing to build a foundation of truth, or for the sincere seeker, who wants a better understanding of this subject.

All you will need, in addition to these study pages, is some paper, a pen to write with, and a copy of the Holy Bible. (This should include the entire Bible, starting with a book called Genesis, not simply be a New Testament, which begins with the book of Matthew.)

There are questions to be answered along the way. Use a separate piece of paper for this, following the numbering given to each question.

A TIP: One last important point. You may be tempted to skip ahead and pick a lesson that interests you. The series could be studied this way. But by far the best way is to take the lessons one by one, in the order they are presented. Each one builds on the one before.

Study 1. What's So Special About the Bible?

Study 2. How Can I Study the Bible?

Study 3. Who Is Jesus Christ?

Study 4. What Is a Christian?

Study 5. Where Do I Stand?

Study 6. Who Is There to Help?

Study 7. What's the Trouble?

Study 8. What About Prayer?

Study 9. Whom Should I Tell?

Study 10. Why Go to Church?