Great Stories of Evangelism and Missions

Inspiring videos of the kind described here are not always easy to find. The following videos (or DVD’s) are available from New Tribes Mission. I have seen them and they are exceptionally good. NTM has other which I have not viewed personally. But given the high quality and doctrinal clarity of their work, I have no trouble in recommending them. These would be a valuable addition to your own collection, and you would find many uses for them in a church setting. Inspire your faith with these true stories! (See link to New Tribes Mission at the bottom of this page.)

When Things Seem ImpossibleNTM missionaries Tim and Bunny Cain were taken hostage in 1985 by armed guerrillas in Colombia. They were forced to call in the mission plane on the pretense of needing medical help. Paul and Steve flew into the trap. But God orchestrated an incredible series of events to secure their release. It's a story of fear, despair and a coming to faith in God's ability to do the impossible. Running time: 66 minutes

The Mouk tribe of Papua, New Guinea, responds dramatically to the Gospel during the chronological Bible Teaching of a NTM missionary. (Chronological teaching begins in Genesis, with the conviction that an understanding of the work of Christ needs to be rooted in what happened in the beginning.) You will be captivated by some of the most up-to-date missions methods in use today. A powerful story of the Mouk people's journey from a history of murderous deceit to an understanding of what God did for them when they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. (“Ee-Taow!” means, “It is Truth!” their response to the Word of God. See Isaiah 43:9b.) Running time: 26 minutes

The Next Chapter
A sequel to the previous film. The Mouk tribe lives in the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Their journey from a history of murderous sorcery and deceit to a discovery of God's love and an understanding of Truth is graphically portrayed in Ee-Taow. But now the story continues, proving the Mouk to be a people who take their faith seriously and desire to be missionaries to neighbouring tribes. Thrilling and encouraging! Running time: 32 minutes

New Tribes Mission works to reach remote and unreached people groups with the gospel of grace. Their message and their methods are soundly biblical. They have also produced some excellent videos which could be of value to your family and your church. Recommended!