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Wordwise Bible Studies offers a clear, conservative understanding of the Bible, relating it to many practical subjects. The Scriptures are treated as the trustworthy Word of God. The site also provides a free monthly newsletter, free Bible studies, and helpful background on the hymns we sing. Your questions on the Bible or on hymns are welcome!

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Other Links You May Find Helpful

Online Bible Studies offers educational Bible study tools available in digital format for use on the computer. They are all available online, as a download, or on disk. The majority of them are free, hence a wealth of information. The products for sale are leaders in the marketplace!

Basic Bible Knowledge Take a look into the Bible of a pastor. From basic Bible knowledge to finding an encouraging verse and even answering the hard questions, it will all enhance your walk with God.

Teach to Change Lives is a must to check out if you teach the Bible in any setting. Bible teacher Glenn Brooke makes some bold claims, but don’t reject them till you take a look. (For example, he offers a downloadable book, at a modest price, giving you 52 Bible questions that can be, he says, adapted to any size of group, of any age, studying any Bible passage!) Many good resources. For some great free teacher helps, click on Teach to Change Lives Gift

The NET Bible provides an excellent modern English translation of the Scriptures, with many helpful explanatory notes, plus the abilities to quickly compare the rendering of a passage with other versions. Very helpful for Bible study.

Verses Christian Book Store offers a wide variety of Bible study books, Christian fiction, DVD’s, attractive gifts. The store recently won an award for being the best of its kind in Canada. Recommended!

Rest Ministries offers compassionate help from a Christian perspective for those suffering chronic illness or chronic pain. Their HopeKeepers magazine, and HopeKeepers support groups provide a network of resources for those with chronic illness. Highly recommended!

Millar College of the Bible offers solid training in the Word of God in a small college with a family atmosphere. A conservative school, sound in the fundamentals of the faith, whose three-fold goal for students is: character, competence and commitment. Strong on discipling students to be disciples of others. They say, "Our vision is to develop passionate, relevant servants of Jesus Christ who are shaped by the entire Scriptures." Millar has students from many different denominations, and from different countries around the world. Recommended!

New Tribes Mission works to reach remote and unreached people groups with the gospel of grace. Their message and their methods are soundly biblical. They have also produced some excellent videos which could be of value to your family and your church. Recommended!

The Cyber Hymnal offers thousands of Christian hymns and gospel songs, gives you the words to all the verses, plays the tune for you, and provides pictures of authors and composers, with other background information. The biggest and best site of its kind on the Internet. Highly recommended!

Tinfoil presents for sale at a reasonable price “Hymns and Sacred Songs,” 28 recordings of hymns made in the early 1900's, and a historic collection called “There’ll Be No Dark Valley,” 7 solo numbers by Ira D. Sankey, the soloist who worked with evangelist Dwight L. Moody. (These latter recordings were made between 1898 and 1900.) If you want to know what gospel music sounded like over a century ago, order one or both of these fine CD reproductions. The sound quality is amazing, considering the primitive equipment that was used!