Things for which to pray. (See also the previous article about the Praying Hand.) For the beginner, making a prayer list could seem to be difficult. But by both instruction and example, the Bible gives us much help in finding subjects for prayer. A few of these are listed below. You will be able to think of more, but this is a good beginning. For ourselves or for others we can pray for:

1) A deeper personal fellowship with the Lord (Ps. 27:4, 8; 42:1)

2) The Lord’s guidance and direction (Ps. 25:4-5; Jas. 1:5)

3) Special help in times of need (Heb. 4:16)

4) Boldness in witnessing for Christ (Acts 4:29)

5) Bodily healing, within the will of God (Lk. 5:12)

6) The spiritual needs of other believers (Eph. 6:18; Col. 1:9-11)

7) Servants of Christ facing oppression and persecution (Acts 12:5; Col. 4:3; II Thess. 3:1-2)

8) Ministries needing more workers (Matt. 9:38)

9) Family members (Job 1:5)

10) The salvation of others (Rom. 10:1)

11) Enemies and those who offend us (Matt. 5:44)

12) Those in positions of authority (I Tim. 2:1-2)

13) The accomplishment of God’s great purposes (Matt. 6:10)

14) The glory of God in all things (I Cor. 10:31; cf. Rom. 11:36)

These are some significant things for which to pray which are always in season and appropriate. May the Lord help us to be more consistent in prayer.